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Yunnan University (YNU) Delegates visit IUBAT

Development of Perennial Rice Joint Research Center by YNU and IUBAT

A significant international meeting was held at IUBAT with the delegates from Yunnan University (YNU), China, led by the Vice President Prof. Jinming Hu of YNU. The primary objective of the meeting was to establish a joint research center for perennial rice. The meeting also discussed the potential for creating a Chinese Language Center at IUBAT and developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Business departments of both YNU and IUBAT.

The meeting began with a welcome address by Prof. Selina Nargis, the Treasurer and Director of Administration, IUBAT. During the meeting, Prof. Shilai Zhang of YNU and Dr. Farjana Sultana of IUBAT delivered presentations on the progress and achievements in perennial rice research. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of IUBAT presided over the ceremony. The meeting was attended by the key officials of YNU and IUBAT, faculty members, and students from the College of Agricultural Sciences.