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General Overview

IUBAT is now providing the unique opportunity of teaching English as a second language to Bangladeshi students. With this course you will not only teach English, but have the chance to interact with the local culture and experience things that you would have never dreamt of.

Teaching contracts can vary from twelve hours of teaching per week, up to sixteen hours of teaching per week. These hours will give you an opportunity to explore Bangladesh, whilst working limited hours per week. Contracts lengths are determined by semesters, the year is split up in to 3, each lasting four months but a six month would give you desired work and relaxation.

IUBAT is now looking for enthusiastic volunteers, to come and work alongside highly skilled and professional educators. This will not only provide the University with extra resources, but also allow volunteers to mature.

If you are interested in this opportunity, and would like any further information, please email: 

Teaching at IUBAT

When teaching at IUBAT, you will be immersed in an environment that is designed for learning. You will be surrounded by enthusiastic students, and highly professional educators. You will also be surrounded by a multi-cultural society, as at IUBAT there are many international students and teachers. This includes a large Canadian influence on the nursing degree course.

When working on campus, you will be given an office, here you will have access to a telephone with free local calls. Also, you will have a Broadband connection supplied by IUBAT. You will be given the status of a Visiting Fellow with a collegial status in the IUBAT Community with all the attendant privileges.

IUBAT will do all that it can to help, lesson plans can be provided, and advice can be given by other members of faculty.

What’s in it for me?

IUBAT offers teaching English as a foreign language placements, although there is an opportunity for the English teaching to be more specific to your interests. You may have the opportunity to teach business English if you are interested in this area, also medical English can be an option, as IUBAT offers a nursing course. All of IUBAT’s courses are taught in English, and therefore, there is an opportunity to teach English in any subject covered. This will not only develop the students’ English in a specific area, but allows you to gain experience in a subject area.

When working in IUBAT, you will have the chance to work with enthusiastic students, and work alongside highly skilled and dedicated professional educators. This will improve your self-confidence and public speaking abilities.

IUBAT is located in an area of Dhaka called Uttara, within Uttara, there are western styled shopping malls, transport links, and is only a short distance from downtown Dhaka, all amenities are available.

When working in IUBAT, you will have the opportunity to experience a traditional culture, whilst staying in a safe, secure environment.

Volunteer work at IUBAT will also enhance your CV, it shows a willingness to help, and maturity, as you have used your own time to help others.

What will I need before I travel?

Before you travel, it is imperative, that a Bangladesh visa is acquired from the Bangladeshi High Commission in your country. IUBAT will provide you with all the supporting document required for issuing a volunteer visa for the required period. You should initiate the process of documentation with IUBAT two months prior to your planned time of arrival. For the UK, it would be necessary to get the visa from the High Commission in London. The link below is for the Bangladesh High Commission, and should provide all of the necessary information.

At least 6 weeks before you travel, you must visit your local GP, or practice nurse for up-to-date information on vaccinations required before arrival.

You will be expected to dress professionally whilst teaching at IUBAT, for this, a collared shirt and smart trouser must be worn with tie.

Travel/ Medical insurance will also be required for your stay.

For more information Contact:


IUBAT currently has a guest house for international visitors that can be used for Gap Year fellows.

Accommodation is arranged by IUBAT and is fully catered, it is in a modern apartment block with all essential amenities (en-suite bathroom with western toilet, running water, electricity outlets, and possible internet access (at an extra cost)). If extra food is required, then there are supermarkets and open-air markets within easy walking distance. The accommodation is between a 5 to 10 minutes’ walk from IUBAT.

It is not advisable to drink the tap water, although once it is boiled, it is safe. There will be a constant supply of fresh drinking water available in the apartments.

Mosquito nets are also supplied by IUBAT.

What will it cost?

Costs are liable to change, but as of February 2023, prices are as follows:

  • Full board accommodation is provided by the university, it is easy to only live on this, as all meals are of a good size.
  • Free WiFi and broadband internet connection at the university campus and free WiFi in the residence.
  • Sim-cards are cheap, and available. Texts to the UK cost 2 Taka per message. For calling, online access numbers or Skype calling is advised. Local calls are free from office phones on the IUBAT campus.
  • For mobile data, monthly 7 to 10 GB data packages cost around 300 to 400 taka.
  • Return flight costs varies country to country.
  • Travel/ Medical insurance varies 

What will I need when I get there?

Once you arrive at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh, someone will be there to greet you, although  before leaving the airport, it is advised to change cash. Around 5,000 taka should do. When traveling around, it is advised to carry at least 5,000 taka with you.

Sim cards can be purchased out here, these are a necessity, as it will be your point of contact for all faculty and friends.

It is also important to carry around water with you at all times, as it can be deceivingly hot.