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Educational programs at IUBAT are conducted by qualified and experienced faculty drawn from the country, region and overseas. The faculty composition reflects the application orientation of the university. Efforts of professional teachers are supplemented by persons drawn from application fields in the form of associate faculty. The cooperating universities abroad are a big resource base for visiting faculty and arrangements have been made to have visiting faculty to reflect the intercultural orientation of the university, some of which is also availed through international students admitted to the university.

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Holidays and Leave

Employees need break to get refreshed and revive energy and to be fully operational.  To facilitate a positive and motivating environment for the employees, IUBAT provides weekly holidays, casual leave, earn leave, maternal leave, extraordinary leave, study leave, and other leaves as per the government policy.

Benefits and Rewards

IUBAT ensures desired performance, productivity, increased morale, belongingness and effective organizational involvement by providing appropriate incentives to all faculties in different areas like Teaching, Research etc. We have Provident Fund approved by the National Board of Revenue to facilitate a Security Deposit for all staffs, including teachers, in the form of a Fixed Deposit that can be withdrawn after a certain tenure. The faculties are   rewarded satisfactory incentives in each year after the Annual Performance Appraisal.

Health Insurance

IUBAT has Group Health Insurance since 2011 that covers all faculties and staffs of the university. This was introduced for the first time in private university in Bangladesh. The insurer is Progressive Life Insurance Company Ltd (PLIC) and covers all faculties and staff. The FGHI-Faculty Group Health Insurance covers hospitalization cost up to Tk. 100,000/- (one lac) per year for an insured faculty. Faculties and staffs suffering from acute sickness or accident requiring hospitalization are advised to avail this facility as and when required. The members of faculty and staff family should also take note of the same.

Free Transport

IUBAT provides free transportation facilities to all staffs and faculties. The university has many buses around Dhaka city as well as nearby the city to pick and drop the staffs and faculties from the certain places. The teachers can also avail transport facility to visit any place for academic purposes like attending a seminar, workshop, study tour, industry visit, etc. outside the university campus.

Maternity Leave

The VC may grant maternity leave on full pay to married women employees for a period not exceeding 90 days with full pay, next 30 days with half pay, and next 60 days without pay on condition that she will join the university and serve at least next three years.

The above provision shall apply in cases of confinement and shall apply in cases of miscarriage including abortion subject to the following modifications, namely

  • that the leave does not exceed six weeks, and
  • that the application for the leave is supported by a certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner.

Maternity leave may be granted for two months with full pay. Combined with leave of any other kind, the leave may be extended for one more month.

Amicable Sitting Arrangement

We provide an amicable sitting arrangement for each and every faculty that provides them opportunity to interact with both student and community groups, outside the class.  Teachers can share knowledge and debate on academic issues frequently as they spend quality time together in a group. Such creative environment expedites the scopes of flourishment for faculty members to the highest extent.

Financial Aid

To provide financial aid to the staffs and faculties, IUBAT Multipurpose Cooperative Society has been formed and duly registered under Cooperative Societies Act with the Registrar of the Cooperative Societies, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. One of the prime objectives of the IMCSL is to provide financial services to its members and promote their economic and social welfare through mobilization of savings and profitable investment of capital and savings. Financial supports for professional education and training of members, their wards, and dependents including students of IUBAT are one of the important aspects of financial services.

Food Services

IUBAT cafeterias are equipped with adequate facilities to provide food services for the academic community. The cafeterias are separately operated on self-service basis. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day along with provision for meals. The cafeterias are open for service from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm every day except university holidays. Teachers and students enjoy the similar facilities while having their breakfast and lunch. Cafeterias also build rapport among teachers and students by providing scopes of interaction.

Staff  and Welfare Fund

Besides financial aid, IUBAT has formed a distinctive Staff and Welfare Fund to share happiness, joy and sorrow.  All the staffs and faculties enjoy benefits of this fund  in time of sickness or other specified occasion.


There are physical and recreational facilities open to all IUBAT faculties and staffs.  Like the students, faculties and staffs can also enjoy indoor sports facilities. In terms of outdoor there are facilities for football, handball and cricket as well.  The faculties and staffs also actively participate in cultural programs with jovial mood.

Employment Policies and Practice

The University is committed to ensure that human rights are honored in all dimensions in the practice of the employment. Use of forced labor, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labor are strictly prohibited in all forms of employment at the university.

The university is also committed to ensure that no discrimination of any form takes place based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity and nationality.
These practices being ensured since inception of the university and so far, not a single complaint has been received against the practice of the university.

Any employee including outsourced one aggrieved of forced labor, modern slavery, human trafficking -and child labor at the university van file written appeal in-person or through e-mail to the Registrar of the university ( The Registrar shall take up the appeal with the Disciplinary Committee for necessary hearing and other formalities, and if found authentic, the appeal shall be forwarded to the Board through Academic Council and Syndicate of the university with recommendation for resolution and corrective measures. The appeal shall be resolved in 90 days from date of receipt.


IUBAT provides a wide range of opportunities of research for the teachers in different areas so that they drive on a diversity of approaches and perspectives that make them prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future. It is devoted to foster research as a central part of its mission and prepares the teachers as sublime human resource.

Research Grants

From the research fund provided in annual budget of IUBAT, an amount of Tk. 1,00,000  may be granted for a research project submitted by a faculty individually or in group but depending upon the requirement of the project the fund may be increased based on the justification presented in the proposal. The grant is meant for meeting expenditures for conducting experiments, carrying out survey, data collection and analysis, travel and conveyances for field work, printing and binding report etc. Financial support will be provided to faculty members to register and attend conferences and seminars, publish research monographs and training for research.


Every year, faculties receive awards for publishing research articles in national and international peer reviewed journals. Faculties are invited to apply for the research award. A designated committee scrutinizes the received applications and finalize the winners. IUBAT organizes a ceremony to hand over the awards to the recipients.

Research Training

The university organizes research training session, on a regular basis, for both students and teachers. The purpose of these sessions is to guide and encourage the young and novel researchers in terms of research process, role of research, and knowledge creation.

Workshops and Seminars

IUBAT regularly organizes seminars, workshops and professional talks given by distinguished visiting and local academics and professionals to acquaint the university community with the latest development in the academic world as well as in practice.  So far, large numbers of seminars have been conducted in the university under various umbrellas and these have contributed to the creation of a knowledge related discourse in the university.  Such seminars and meetings are regular features of the university and the students can take full benefit of these programs for their personal and professional developments.

Research Centers

IUBAT is organized into colleges, departments, division and centers both for academic and service activities. There is a division and a number of specialized centers which offer diploma and numerous certificate courses, profession services and research facilities to clients as well as support to academic programs of IUBAT colleges and departments.


IUBAT, as a part of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing, encourages all forms of initiatives: National and International Conferences are highly valued and nurtured here. The faculties are also encouraged to attend national and global conferences around the world.

Training & Development

Faculty Orientation

IUBAT organizes orientation for all new faculties shortly at the beginning of each semester. All new faculties are required and strongly urged to take advantage of the orientation. At the new faculty orientation, they receive structured information on academic regulations, academic orientation of different colleges, campus life-style and study habits, counselling and guidance, library regulations, computational and laboratory facilities, dress code, student organizations, sports and recreational facilities as well as learn about many opportunities available at IUBAT.

Faculty Development Program

The university organizes program to develop the efficiency of the current faculties. In such programs, faculties become familiar with modern teaching aids, teaching methodologies, material development, effective question making etc. .

Faculty Exchange

IUBAT as an international institution has active involvement with overseas universities and from the inception of the university a climate of cooperation has prevailed with other universities. This resulted in receiving visiting faculty from abroad almost in every semester of the academic year. Separate facilities are available for the visiting faculty to operate in IUBAT. Besides, to facilitate visitors from abroad, the university maintains two guest houses for the visiting faculty and other guests for their accommodation under very good environmental, hygienic and sanitary conditions suitable for foreign guests coming from different parts of the world. Faculties from IUBAT also work in different universities in different corners of the world under its collaboration agreement.

Faculty Ethics

The university arranges sessions to make the faculties familiar with Faculty Ethics and Responsibilities. Each faculty is given absolute freedom in teaching and assessment. At the same time, they are guided to perform their responsibilities maintaining ethical standard.

Faculty Retreat

The university organizes Faculty Retreat to review its educational planning and efficiency enhancement. Such retreat also serves as a great source of recreation as the whole faculty community travels together to beautiful places across the country. The theme of the last annual faculty retreat was “Preparing Graduates for the 21st Century Job Market”. Faculties of each department presented their plan to make their graduates able to meet the requirements of 21st century job market.

Specialized Centers

The faculties get opportunity to involve themselves in different specialized centers.  There are nine specialized centers providing academic knowledge and intense practical services in Disaster Management, Computer, Counselling and guidance, Health and Population, and Management Development, Technology, English language , Policy Research, and Environment. These carry out applied research, offer diplomas, certificate sources and professional consultancy service to the clients, carry out public issues as well as support academic programs of colleges and department of the university.

Faculty Safety and Support

Sexual Harassment

There is a Sexual Harassment Complaint Committee in the university to ensure safe and trouble-free environment for all faculties in the campus. It submits allegations regarding sexual oppression and sexual harassment by any student, faculty or any member of the university, conducts the hearings in order to ensure the remedy of the allegation or punishment of the violators, who engage in academic misconduct or violate the standards of the University community, in form of suspension of expulsion , formulates the necessary policies for the hearing and recommends its proposal to the Syndicate for ultimate decision.


There exists a friendly and smooth interaction among all the teachers who are from different regions and different countries. We have a number of foreign teachers whose presence creates a diverse educational environment and adds colors to the campus life.

IT Support

Information technology is essential to gaining access to knowledge and such technology is integrated into the learning process at IUBAT. Along with the students, teachers are also required to have adequate competency in computer use to gain access to information through internet and multimedia. The faculties are provided with personal computers in each desk along with broad band internet connection and printing facilities.