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The Chancellor

The Honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mohammad Abdul Hamid is the Chancellor of IUBAT.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest policy making body of IUBAT

Zubier Alim

Nusrat Nabi

Wasil Hasan Chowdhury

Abdul Bari Sarker
Executive Member

Prof Dr Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah
Executive Member

Abdur Raquib
Executive Member

Nazia Tabassum
Executive Member

Samanja Chowdhury
Executive Member

Tanima Nasrin
Executive Member

Mr Mohammad Sabbir Hossain’
Executive Member

Abdur Rab
Ex-officio Member


After the Board of Trustees, the Syndicate is the highest executive body responsible for academic, administrative and overall management of the university. The IUBAT Syndicate comprises the following members:

Prof Dr Abdur Rab
Chairman & Vice-Chancellor

Prof Dr Hamida Akhtar Begum
Member and Pro Vice-Chancellor (designate)

Prof Selina Nargis
Member & Treasurer

Prof Dr Shariful Islam
Member,Chair, Department of EEE

Prof Dr Abul Khair
Member,Chair, Arts and Sciences

Nusrat Nabi
Vice-Chairman, BOT

Wasil Hasan Chowdhury
Member,Secretary, BOT

Nazia Tabassum
Member, BOT

Prof Dr Md Abdul Mannan Akanda
Member, UGC Representative

Prof Md Lutfar Rahman
Member Secretary & Registrar

Academic Council

The Academic Council is the supreme authority of academic affairs of the university. The Academic Council of IUBAT comprises the following members:

Prof Dr Abdur Rab
Vice-Chancellor, Chairman

Prof Dr Hamida Akhtar Begum
Pro Vice-Chancellor (designate)

Prof Selina Nargis
Treasurer and Professor of Psychology

Nusrat Nabi
Vice-Chairman, BOT

Engr Wasil Hasan Chowdhury
Secretary, BOT

Prof Dr M A Hannan
Chair, College of Agricultural Sciences

Prof Dr Monirul Islam
Dean, College of Engineering and Technology

Abdullah Al Yousuf Khan
Business Administration

Prof Dr M Abdul Haque
Chair, Department of CSE

Prof Dr Shariful Islam
Member,Chair, Department of EEE

Prof Dr Engr A Z A Saifullah
Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof Shahjahan
Chair, Department of Economics

Prof Dr Abul Kahir
Chair, Department of Chemistry

Prof M Aman Ullah
Chair, Tourism and Hospitality Management

Prof Dr Karen Lund
Chair, College of Nursing

Prof Dr Shohidullah Miah
Agricultural Sciences

Prof Dr M A Mannan
Proctor, IUBAT

Prof Dr Utpal Kanti Das
Computer Science and Engineering

Prof Dr Bishwajit Saha
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Prof Dr Abdul Halim
Civil Engineering (Water Resources)

Prof Dr Tarekh Rasul
Civil Engineering

Prof Engr Abdul Wadud
Mechanical Engineering

Prof Dr Momtazur Rahman

Prof Dr Sunil Kumar Biswas

Dr Mahbubur Rahman

Mr Mohammad Abu Horaira
Tourism and Hospitality Management

Mr Shuvashish Das Bala

Prof Dr John Richards
Public Policy,Simon Fraser University

Alex Berland
Department of Nursing

Prof Lutfar Rahman