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Ever wondered what it would be like to teach in a Third World, developing country?

Have you ever mulled over the idea of a working vacation where you can give of yourself and your expertise to those who could really benefit from it?

Are you an altruist interested in lending a helping hand so that others might achieve a decent standard of education and a promise of a better standard of living for themselves and others?


Have you considered using your expertise as a teacher?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, you are invited to consider teaching as a volunteer instructor at IUBAT—International University of Business Agriculture and Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can work as a volunteer instructor in any of the following areas:

English, Public Health, Nursing, Economics, Statistics, Marketing, Management, Finance, Human Recourse Management, Accounting, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy, Psychology, Environment, Agriculture, Fishery, Animal Husbandry, Hospitality, Tourism, Data Communication System, Networking, Software Engineering, Data Base Management System and related areas.


What and where is IUBAT?

IUBAT is a government approved non-profit independent non-government university located in the capital of the country of Bangladesh, Dhaka. IUBAT is committed to Knowledge Based Area Development ( a concept of Founder and Vice-Chancellor of IUBAT Dr. A. Miyan, in which access to post-secondary education is provided despite social and economic barriers that may exist for the potential student. The goal is to develop one professional graduate from each village/ward in the country as a step towards community self-reliance. The university accomplishes this through subsidies, grants, scholarships, fee waivers, sponsorship, deferred payments, on-campus employment, student loans and so on.

You can read much more about IUBAT at our website,


Who are the students?

“IUBAT opens its door to all qualified students who aspire for higher professional education regardless of the income level of his/her family …” Dr. Miyan, March 2009


Why consider IUBAT?

If you have ever worked abroad, you know how important it can be to find a position with an employer with high standards for faculty and students. IUBAT is developing a worldwide reputation for its integrity in all matters. International faculty and faculty volunteers, such as yourself are welcomed warmly. Accommodation (room and board) is provided in clean, safe apartments and suites.


What is a working vacation?

A working vacation is an opportunity for you to choose the type of volunteer work you would like to do. It is about ‘service’ to others; giving and receiving knowledge, experience, adventure and friendship. It can be a time for you to explore your own capabilities and develop your personal interests in a far-off land. A working vacation is about giving of yourself: for yourself and for others.


What would a working vacation as a teacher entail?

You will teach particular classes (in which subject you are expert) under the supervision and mentorship of the full time, Bangladeshi faculty. Don’t worry; IUBAT is an English language-medium university. Everyone speaks English to some degree, including the students. Courses range from beginners to advance. A curriculum has been developed in the respective Department and classes run daily.

You can work the hours that are best suited to you however, you must remain cognizant of university hours and course schedules. That means that while you may plan for and arrange in advance with IUBAT the number of hours per week you want to teach your subject, you must be able to fit into their course schedules.


What are the qualifications to teach at IUBAT?

IUBAT maintains high standards of instruction for all of its diploma and degree programs. The better you feel prepared for this teaching experience, the more rewarding it will be for you, personally. And while you are enjoying your volunteer teaching, the students will benefit immensely from interacting with you in class, one-on-one on campus or in your shared office, developing their knowledge.

If you have any teaching experience at all, especially at the college or university/adult education level, please let us know. This too would greatly enhance your time with us.


What are the costs involved in this working vacation?

There are no hidden fees for registration, tuition or the ‘privilege’ of teaching at IUBAT (as there is with many other types of so-called working vacations). Indeed, the costs incurred and borne by you, the volunteer are simply for your travel expenses to Dhaka and perhaps some daily pocket money. Your accommodation is free, provided by the university. This includes 2 full meals (lunch and dinner) per day. Breakfast may be included or, you may buy your own groceries for breakfast (or bring some supplies with you). You might even choose to grab a light breakfast, Bangladeshi-style at the small school cafeteria (payment is required but prices are very modest). Free internet access is provided at IUBAT.


A little more about teaching at IUBAT?

When teaching at IUBAT, you will be immersed in an environment that is designed for learning. You will be surrounded by enthusiastic students, and highly professional educators. You will also be surrounded by a multi-cultural society, as at IUBAT there are many international students and teachers. When working on campus, you will be given an office; here you will have access to a telephone with free local calls. Also, you will have a Broadband connection supplied by IUBAT. You will be given the status of a Visiting Fellow with a collegial status in the IUBAT Community with all the attendant privileges.

IUBAT will do all that it can to help, lesson plans can be provided, and advice can be given by other members of faculty.



If this information has caught your attention in anyway, please CONTACT WITH US for more information or discussion.


Professor Selina Nargis

Treasurer & Director Administration