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Dr Moinuddin Afza
School of Business
University of Bloomsburg, USA

Dr Syed Saad Andaleeb
Distinguished Professor of Marketing
School of Business
Penn State University, Erie, USA

Dr Woakil Uddin Ahmed
Faculty, Department of Mathematics
Essex University, East London, UK

Dr Thomas H Breuning
Dept of Agricultural & Extension Education
The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Ir Williem L Brinckman
Director International Projects
Larenstein International Agricultural College Velp/Deventer, The Netherlands

Dr Ed-Bukszar
Professor of Strategy
Faculty of Business Administration
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Dr Victor E Childers
School of Business
Indiana University Indianapolis, USA

Dr M M Chowdhury
Professor of Finance
McGill University Montreal, Canada

Dr W R Dennis
PhD in EDS (Loma Linda, USA)
BS Mus Ed (Redlands, USA)

Prof H Eric Frank
Former Professor
University of Bath England, UK

Dr Mahmud Hasan
Department of Finance & Economics
Rurtgers University, New Jersey, USA

Dr Md Amzad Hossain
Institute for Science and Technology Policy
Murdoch University Perth, Australia

Dr Mustaque Hossain
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Kansas State University, USA

Dr Robert Hodgson
School of Engineering
University of Exeter, UK

Dr Bohuslav Herman
Growth Dynamics University Institute
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dr Mike Heath
Camborne School of Mines
University of Exeter, UK

Dr Mark Jaccard
Professor and Director of the Energy Research Group
School of Resource & Environmental Management
Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada

Dr M Rezaul Karim
Professor of Civil Engineering
University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia

Dr Md Abdul Mannan
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City, N. C, USA

Dr Suraiya Nafis
Fab Engineering Manager
Semicoa, Costa Mesa, California, USA

Dr Richard Ottaway
Professor, Management and Marketing Dept.
Farleigh Dickenson University New Jersey, USA

Drs Peter F van der Schee
Head of English Department
Director International Relations
Hogoschool Marketing Management, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Mr Alexander N Pieterse
M S in Dev. Studies (Bath, England)
BBA (Andrews University, London Campus), The Netherlands

Dr Fazley Kader Siddiq
Professor of Economics
Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University Halifax, Canada

Dr Hessan A Quazi
Division of Human Resources & Industrial Management
Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

Dr Roger M Thompson
Department of English
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Dr Abdur Rahim
Professor of Quantitative Methods
Faculty of Administration, University of New Brunswick Fredericton, Canada

Dr M M Zaman
Faculty of Business
Central Queensland University, Mackey, Australia

Dr Afzalur Rahman
Faculty of Business Administration
Western Kentucky University, USA

Ms Rose Murphy
Research Associate
Energy and Materials Research Group
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

Dr John Richards
Faculty of Public Policy
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Dr Parvez I Haris
De Montfort University
The Gateway, Leicester, England

Dr M H Rashid
Professor & Director
UF/UWF Joint Program in Electrical Engineering
University of Western Florida Pensacola, Florida, USA

Dr Mahmood Hassan
Rutgers University
Graduate School of Management, New Jersy, NJ, USA

Mr Simon Richards
B Architecture (UBC, Canada), B Sc (US, Canada)
Partner, Cornerstone Architects Vancouver, Canada

Dr James Hanratty
University of Canberra
University of Canberra Act 2601, Australia

Dr Brian Donald Smith
English Language Consultant
Ph D (Kent), MA (Brunel),BA (Hons) London, Bphil(Hull)
PDESL (Leeds), Dip Trans, FIL, FRAS, MI Mgt, MITI

Dr Quaiyum Parvez
University of Western Sydney
Penrith South, Australia

Dr Amin U Sarker
Professor & Chairman
Department of Economics, Finance and Marketing
Georgia College and State University Milledgeville, USA

Dr K Venkatasubramanian
Chief Executive Officer

Ms Johanna Cornelia Oudijk
BSN Christelijke Hoge school Ede
Bergambacht , The Netherlands

Ms Cassandra Ma
BScN Br.Col.
Burnaby, Canada

RN Patricia E. Shinners
MS University of Honolulu Hawaii
BSN University of Wisconsin Madison Wisconsin, Hawaii, USA

Ms M Sally Sando
MS Nursing University of Minnesota USA
AD Nursing Indiana
BSEdu Indiana, USA

RN Diana Trifonova
BSN Br.Col.
Hawaii, USA

Dr Sharon L. Sheahan
College of Nursing
University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA

Ms Rhodina Hobbs
BScN Br.Col.
Diploma of Nursing Br.Col.
British Columbia, Canada

Ms Alysha Savji
BS (York) Can.
Ontario, Canada

Ms P. Lynn Buhler
MS Br.Col. & BScN Br.Col.
British Columbia, Canada

Ms Rebekah Lowes
MPH S.Fraser, BSc Nursing Br.Col.
British Columbia, Canada

RN Robin Mary Scobie
Senior Instructor
School of Nursing,Human and Social Development
Universirty of Vitoria, Canada

Mr Daniel James Woodrow
Community Mental Health Nurse
Mental Health and Addictions Centre, British Columbia, Canada

Ms Shauna Cannaughton
Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK) Br.Col.
British Columbia, Canada

Ms Cailey Rose Lynch
BScN Br.Col.
Nelson, Canada

Ms Kerry Wannell
BSN Vic.(Can.)
Vancouver, Canada

Ms Maggie Nicholls
MPP S.Frase
BA Trent University, Canada

Ms Lorill Harding
MA San Diego State University, BSN Vic.(Can.)
Diploma in Nursing Br.Col. Nelson, Canada

Ms Avlerie Ann Hedstrom
MN Manit., BN Manit.,
RN Diploma Canada, Victoria, Canada

RN Naomi-Lina Benda
Registered Nurse Notre Dame Aust
Cottesloe, Australia

Ms Cathie Chin
Nursing Instructor
Nursing Department, Langara College, Vancouver, Canada

Mr Vaughn Spenser Richards
BCom McG. & Edin
Vancouver, Canada

Ms Ann O’Melinn
Diploma in Accounting Br.Col.
Math, Kinesiology and Educational Psychology, S.Fraser
BTA, Br.Col., British Columbia, Canada

Ms Crissy George
MSW Car., M.Ed. Lady of the Lake College Texas
BEd Kerala, BS Kerala, Vancouver, Canada

Ms Katherine A. Scott
Post BSN Athab
Advanced Critical Care Nursing Calg.
Diploma in Nursing Tor. , Alberta, Canada

Ms Sandra Rubin
MSN W.Ont.,BSN W.Ont.
Diploma in Nursing Br.Col., North Vancouver, Canada

Ms Roxana Cosmaciuc
M., MIA Columbia University
BA American University in Bulgaria, New York, USA

Ms Brigittee Ahmed
MSN Br.Col,BSN Vic.(Can.
Diploma Nursing Br.Col., Maple Ridge, Canada

Mr Aaron P. Tepperman
Master’s S.Fraser, BA McG.
British Columbia, Canada

RN Brenda Hutton
MAEd Central Michigan University
BScN W.Ont.,Ontario, Canada

RN Carolyn Vossler
MIH Curtin., BSN Vic.(Can.)
Registered Nursing Diploma Br.Col., Kamloops, Canada

Mr Darryl Vossler
BSW T.Rivers
Kamloops, Canada

Ms Tracy Tan
BMLS Br.Col.
Vancouver, Canada

Mr Amaan Banwait
BCom Br.Col.
British Columbia, Canada

Mr Nicholas Genis
PhC (Candidate) Lond., BSC Lond.,
London, England, UK

Mr Patrick Zaph
MPP S.Fraser, BA, S.Fraser
Department of Communication Ott., Moulmein, Singapore

Mr Jamie C Newman
MPP S.Fraser, BA Car.
Vancouver, Canada

Mr Rick Dowdall
BA Econ Winn
Victoria, Canada

Prof Quamrul H. Mazumder
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan-Flint, USA

Mr Muhammad Obaidul Gani
Senior Engineer
St. Jude Medical Inc, Minnesota, USA

Dr Harun Rashid
Professor Emeritus
Department of Geography and earth Science
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Canada

Professor Thomas A. Perry
Professor, Department of English
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

Dr M A Alim
Department of Electrical Engineering
Alabama A & U University, USA

Mr Shahadat Khan
Senior Lecturer
RMIT University, Australia

Dr Md Zahidur Rahman
City University, New York, USA

Prof Mahmud Hassan
Professor of Finance and Economics
Rutgers Business School, New Jersey, USA

Dr Mohammed Haq
Business School
Birmingham City University, UK

Dr Tapan Sarker
Research Fellow
Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise
Griffith Business School, Queensland, Australia

Prof Laetitia Van Den Heuvel
Professor of French
Tilburg University, The Netherlands