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Student Orientation Program for Summer 2023

IUBAT is pleased to announce that the Student Orientation Program for Summer 2023 will be held on May 21, 2023, at 9.00 am in the IUBAT campus. This program is designed to familiarize you with the University environment, and resources, and to facilitate a smooth transition into your academic journey.

During the orientation program, each student will have an opportunity to introduce themselves to their peers and faculty members. We kindly request all students to come prepared with the following information to share during the introductions:

Your Name, Your College Name, Your Aim of Life (Share your aspirations and goals for the future).

It is important to note that the introduction session is an excellent chance for you to connect with your fellow students and faculty members, fostering a sense of community and support throughout your academic journey.

IUBAT looks forward to welcoming you all to the Student Orientation Program and assisting you in making a successful start to your University experience.