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Seminar on “Data Science: The Navigator Towards Vision 2041”

“As a part of the 33rd Foundation Day Celebration of IUBAT, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has organized a Seminar titled “Data Science: The Navigator Towards Vision 2041”, on 18 February 2024 in the IUBAT Conference Room.

Resource Persons Dr. Rafiqul Haque, Research Fellow, Data Science Institute

University of Galway, Ireland, European Union Project Lead@DSI, UOG, Consultant, Bangladesh Data Centre Company Limited, ICT Division Bangladesh, Member, Strategic Research Innovation and Deployment,  Agenda (SRIDA), European Commission and Mr Rakib Ahmed, Director, Bangladesh Data Center Company Limited, ICT Division, Ministry of Post Telecommunication & ICT Bd.

Seminar Highlights:

  • The seminar delved into the pivotal role of data science in shaping the trajectory towards Vision 2041.
  • Vision 2041 embodies ambitious goals for societal advancement, economic prosperity, and technological innovation.
  • Data science emerges as a critical navigator, providing insights, solutions, and foresight to propel progress.
  • Future scopes and placements of CSE graduates as a data scientist in renowned data centers.
  • Interactive session with the resource persons with related Q/A sessions.

Prof Dr. Abdur Rab, Vice-Chancellor of IUBAT presided over the ceremony, Prof Selina Nargis, Treasurer, and Director Admin of IUBAT, and Prof Dr. Utpal Kanti Das, Chairman and Professor of the CSE department were the special guests of the ceremony. More than 200 CSE students and faculty members were also present at that seminar.

The seminar underscored the pivotal role of data science as the navigator toward Vision 2041. By focusing on strategic alignment, capacity building, ethical governance, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and community engagement, stakeholders are poised to harness the transformative power of data science to realize the aspirations of Vision 2041 and drive sustainable progress toward a brighter future.”