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Orientation Program – Spring 2024

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The International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) is delighted to announce the successful completion of its 95th orientation for new students of the Spring Semester 2024. This event took place from Monday, January 22nd to Monday, January 29th, 2024, at the University’s permanent campus. We warmly welcomed incoming freshmen to various programs, including the College of Business Administration (CBA) for BBA and MBA, the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering under the College of Engineering and Technology (CEAT), the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM), the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS), and the Department of English and Modern Languages. New students from across the nation, representing diverse disciplines, joined the orientation with great enthusiasm and vigor.

The program was presided over by Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Abdur Rab, who emphasized IUBAT’s commitment to fulfilling the massive need for manpower development. This, he noted, is crucial for ensuring quality in higher education, thereby facilitating socio-economic growth and development.

During the event, speakers underscored IUBAT’s dedication to excellence and pointed out that the essence of modern higher education globally is increasingly demand-driven. Universities are tasked with educating students using the latest modules, curricula, and methodologies, coupled with outstanding teaching and guidance, to ensure comprehensive development. The speakers also highlighted the importance of professional development for new graduates to keep pace with global changes. They stressed that all development efforts should be rooted in patriotism and local cultural values to effectively address challenges both at home and abroad.

The orientation was attended by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Treasurer, Deans, Registrar, Exam Controller, Directors, Coordinators, faculty members, officers, staff, and students, making the 95th Orientation Program a memorable event. The orientation concluded with a cultural gala, celebrating the diverse talents within the IUBAT community.