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IUBAT Reception to International Advisors

In a heartfelt tribute to the enduring friendship and invaluable contributions of Prof. Dr. John Richards and Prof. Alex Berlanad, the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) organized a reception on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

Dr John Richards from Simon Fraser University and Prof. Alex Berlanad from A Berland Inc. have been esteemed visiting professors, international advisors and close friends of IUBAT since its inception. For around three decades, Dr John and Prof Alex have been regular visiting fellows of the university and providing academic, research and administrative advisory for quality education at IUBAT. Their contributions have been instrumental in improving existing curricula, developing new curricula and launching new degrees, strengthening research base and in overall academic improvement of the university.

IUBAT honored Dr John Richards with a gold medal in recognition of his immense contributions and announced a scholarship in his name.

Fresh flowers from IUBAT garden and crests were presented to Dr John Richards and Prof. Alex Berlanad as tokens of appreciation for their dedication and unwavering supports over the decades.

IUBAT Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abdur Rab, Treasurer Prof. Selina Nargis, Registrar Prof. Dr. Md. Lutfar Rahman, Exam Controller Brig Gen Dr. Md Zahid Hossain (Retd), Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Md. Monirul Islam, Agriculture Dean Dr. Md. Shohidullah Miah, along with other esteemed professors, faculty members, officials, and students were present and expressed their gratitude in the reception.

The reception program not only celebrated the contributions and friendship of these two distinguished professors but also underscored the enduring collaboration that continue to define IUBAT’s initiatives to reflect global perspectives in its educational programs.

Established in 1991 under the visionary guidance of eminent educationist Prof. Dr. M Alimullah Miyan, IUBAT holds the distinction of being the first Non-Government University in Bangladesh. With a noble vision to produce graduates from every village in the nation, IUBAT draws students from diverse backgrounds, including over a hundred foreign students from 12 countries across Asia and Africa. Situated within its expansive 20-bigha green campus in Utara, IUBAT offers education under eleven departments, catering to the academic aspirations of its students.