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IUBAT Celebrates Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti 1430

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IUBAT—The International University of Business Agriculture and Technology was filled with joy and excitement as it celebrated Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti 1430 with a grand event on 20 June Tuesday at 3.00 pm in the IUBAT Open Auditorium. The Program showcased a rich variety of performances that honored the renowned Bengali poets, Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam.

The event attracted a large and enthusiastic audience, who eagerly gathered to immerse themselves in the rich literary and musical heritage of Bengal. The program began with a heartwarming tribute to Tagore, featuring captivating recitations of his beautiful poetry and soul-stirring renditions of his melodious songs. The audience was enthralled by the performers’ outstanding delivery and the deep emotions that they brought to Tagore’s works.

Following the tribute to Tagore, the auditorium resonated with the revolutionary spirit of Kazi Nazrul Islam. Poets and performers took the stage, reciting Nazrul’s powerful verses that continue to inspire passion and social awareness. The audience was moved by the impact of Nazrul’s rebellious poetry, and the event emphasized his significant contributions to Bengali literature.

The program successfully fostered a sense of unity, as participants from diverse backgrounds came together to celebrate the shared cultural heritage. The audience actively engaged throughout the event, expressing their appreciation through applause and joining in on choruses of popular Tagore and Nazrul songs.

Prof. Dr. Abdur Rab, the esteemed Vice-Chancellor of IUBAT, and Prof. Selina Nargis, the Treasurer and Director of Administration, graced the occasion with their presence, further highlighting the importance of the event. Their attendance demonstrated IUBAT’s commitment to promoting cultural enrichment within the institution and the wider community.

The Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti 1430 celebration at IUBAT served as a powerful reminder of the lasting legacy left behind by these two literary giants. The event showcased the profound impact of their works on Bengali literature and culture, and it further strengthened the bond between the university and the community it serves.

The program concluded with a sense of pride and cultural unity, leaving everyone in attendance inspired and enlightened. The Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti 1430 celebration at IUBAT will be remembered as a testament to the enduring power of literature and music to bring people together and touch their hearts.