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IUBAT Agriculture Team Attends Academic Forum in China

A three-member team from CAS of IUBAT comprising Dr. Farjana Sultana (Team Leader), Dr. Swapan Kumar Roy, and Dr. Yousuf attended the International Academic Forums of South and Southeast Asian University Network held from November 23-24, 2023 at Kunming, China. The Forum had 6 parallel forums and IUBAT delegates attended the parallel forum – 4 titled “Practice and Path of Promoting Food Security under the New Situation”.A total of 10 papers were presented in this Forum and 3 papers were presented on perennial rice. From the Bangladesh team, Dr. Farjana Sultana presented a paper on “Perennial Rice Performance at IUBAT for variety introduction in Bangladesh”. Experts from different countries like Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia attended this parallel Forum.