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Higher Education in Bangladesh, authored by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Abdur Rab, IUBAT, published in Daily Bonik Barta

Today, on World Education Day, I am delighted to bring to your attention a special supplement on Higher Education in Bangladesh published by the renowned newspaper, Bonik Barta.

In this exclusive issue, a comprehensive interview with the Vice-Chancellor of IUBAT, Prof. Dr. Abdur Rab, has been featured. The interview sheds light on the invaluable contributions of Prof. Dr. M Alimullah Miyan towards the establishment of Non-Government Universities in Bangladesh.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abdur Rab discusses the pivotal role played by IUBAT founder Prof. Dr. M Alimullah Miyan in shaping the landscape of higher education in our country.

To access this enlightening interview and gain a deeper understanding of the state of higher education in our country, please find the attached file.