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Guidelines for Students for Online Final Examination, Spring 2020

  • Write your answer in regular lecture note size paper (approx. 8.5 × 11.7 inches) .
  • Write the general information about Student ID, Name, Instructor, Course No. and so on l following  the format of IUBAT answer script cover page shown here.

Revised Guidelines for Students for Online Final Examination, Spring 2020

  • You will see the Question paper in online media(Moodle, Zoom, Google class etc) used by your instructor. Download the question paper.( Write down  if necessary).
  • Total time of exam will be for 3 hours.
  • After completing your exam, take photo of answer script, convert it to PDF and send by email or other suitable media to the Course Instructor. You need to convert handwritten script in single PDF file by taking pictures or scanning by CamScan or genius scan or your choice.
  • You are suggested to rename the PDF file with your ID No. and course code (Example: 11206030_CEN377 or 11206030_CEN377.
  • Students shall write page number on the answer script (like: 1/10,  2/10,…10/10, where total pages are 10) with full signature and ID on all pages.
  • Students shall submit their answer script to email address of the course instructor, or according to the suggestion of course instructor. Look in the Footer of question paper page for instructor’s email address, cell number and other online communication medias (e.g.Whats-up, Emo, Viber, Messenger).
  • In the beginning of the exam you can go through the whole question paper to clear your doubts on questions, if you have any, by discussing with instructor. However, you can also contact with course instructor by phone, online classroom, and other communication Medias during the exam hours (like, Whats-up, Emo, Viber, Messenger).
  • You are advised to be prepared with online examination tools like mobile with Cam Scanner, computer/mobile with internet (if possible, take some back up plans too) and other accessories.
  • Importantly, if you fail to submit your answer document, immediately inform your instructor, and follow his/her advises.
  • Finally, you are strongly advised not to copy each other and not to share the file by any means.