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College of Engineering and Technology

Engineers from all fields are heavily involved in the solution of technological and socio-technological problems; industry’s needs are for balanced teams of both men and women from different engineering areas. Therefore, the goal of College of Engineering and Technology (CEAT) is to stimulate students to become creative, responsible engineers, aware of the social implications of their work, and flexible enough to adjust to the rapid changes taking place in the world and consequently, in all branches of engineering.

All of the engineering curricula are based on an intense study of mathematics and the basic sciences supporting the fundamentals of each engineering discipline. Moreover, to meet the need for professional in engineering and technical fields, the college provides broad education in the area of humanities, social science, physical sciences. This education is complemented by study of relevant methods of analysis, synthesis, design and modeling of systems in areas of student’s interest and specialization. These principles are applied to the understanding and solution of problems of current interest and importance in the field. Each curriculum is designed to provide the knowledge and ability necessary for practice as a professional engineer for job market, or for successful graduate study, which may be business administration as well as engineering and science disciplines.
The College of Engineering and Technology is also providing world class learning and research Environment with quality education in the field of engineering and technology to fulfill the aspirations of young and aspiring students not only of Bangladesh but across the length and breadth of the world.

The CEAT is organized into Departments. Presently there are four departments in operation as follows:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and
Department of Mechanical Engineering


Computer Science and Engineering

Inculcate a variety of mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing in shaping the digital future.

Mechanical Engineering

Engrain  engineering,  engineering mathematics, physics and materials science essentials to model, analyze, experiment, manufacture machinery, and maintain mechanical systems

Civil Engineering

Indoctrinate the application of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating infrastructures.

Electrical in Electronics Engineering

Produce electrical engineers with ability to evaluate electrical systems, products, components, and applications by designing and conducting research programs.