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Campus Recruitment IUBAT Graduate by Ha-Meem Group

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Placement and Alumni Office, IUBAT has successfully facilitated a Campus Recruitment IUBAT Graduates by Ha-Meem Group. During the process of recruitment interview, Manager HR of HA-MEEM GROUP made a  very lively presentation on “Writing of Winning CV and Tips to succeed in job Interview ” for  the IUBAT Graduates present, The event took place on Saturday, 10 June 2023 from 10.30 am to 2.00 pm at IUBAT Conference Room.

The Session was conducted by Mst Ummay Afia Akhter, Manager, Human Resources, HA-MEEM Group.

She conducted the session in a very lively fashion and presented elaborately on techniques to write quality and winning CV to attract the attention of the employers. She further highlighted very vididly the issues to be taken care of to become successful in job interviews. Over 180 students, graduates and Alumni very lively participated in the session. After the session, CVs were collected and organized for the interview. Graduates from the discipline of IUBAT attended the interview. HA-MEEM Group during the process that they would be recruiting freshers from IUBAT and highlighted very good performance of IUBAT Alumni, a good numbers working at the HA-MEEM Group

Respected Registrar, Prof Dr. Md Lutfar Rahman, Mr Sadekul Islam, Deputy Director, International Program Office and Director, Mr. AKM Sharfuddin, Placement and Alumni Office, IUBAT were present in the session.