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IUBAT has set out a long-term vision of producing at least one professional graduate from each village/ward under the knowledge based area development concept as a step towards community self reliance.Now, by cherishing the dream and ideas of Prof. M. Alimullah Miyan, This Technical Training Unit (TTU) is running its operation from 1st April, 2018. TTU is now delivering 12 training programs towards the 6 colleges and 9 departments of IUBAT. The training programs delivered by TTU are AutoCAD (CAED, CAMD, CACD), SolidWorks (SED, SMD), GIS (AGISE, AGISA, AGISC), SPSS and Business Excel, Graphic Design, PSNA, PDNA, Digital Schooling, ICT and Computer.


  • Provide professional training and services and develop human resources through quality education and training.


  • Deliver technical training to students of IUBAT for a combine development of IUBATians to meet the golden jubilee vision of IUBAT.


  • Provide multidisciplinary professional training to various departments according to their field.
  • Develop analytical-decision making skill along with technical and functional proficiency in various fields.
  • Prepare students in documentation for improving a report making skill.
  • Provide students clear knowledge about advanced design and models in engineering technology.
  • Enhancing the idea of students of geographical information systems according to their field.
  • Build up a bridge in between professional and academic organization.
  • Make them able to do engineering and agricultural analysis as per professional need.

Specific Areas of Activities

  • Offer certificate courses
  • Organize need oriented training
  • Technology transfer
  • Awareness create among the students
  • Technology  base human resource development
  • Develop a team of competent trainers