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Group Health Insurance Schemes (SGHIS)

IUBAT has Group Health Insurance Schemes since 2011 that covers all registered students of the university. This was introduced for the first time in private university in Bangladesh.

The insurer is Progressive Life Insurance Company Ltd (PLIC) and covers all students of up to 30 years of age within a premium of Tk. ………. /- per semester. The SGHI covers hospitalization cost up to Tk. 100,000/- (one lac) per year for an insured student.

Students suffering from acute sickness or accident requiring hospitalization are advised to avail this facility as and when required. The members of student family should also take note of the same.

Registration Dates: 

  • On or before January 25 (for Spring Semester)

  • On or before May 25 (for Summer Semester)

  • On or before September 25 (for Fall Semester)

[N.B.]: If anyone fails to complete the registration on the due date, cannot claim insurance coverage for the respective semester.

Action on Injury or Sickness

On emergency, take admission to a hospital immediately and inform Munmun Barie of IUBAT and/or representative of Progressive Life Insurance Company Ltd. Just after admission.

Action on Sickness

On sickness, consult a registered doctor in Chamber, Clinic or Hospital and if necessary take admission into a hospital for treatment as per advice of doctor. Prior to admission for treatment, inform Munmun Bari of IUBAT and/or representative of Progressive Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Procedure of Claim of Expenses

In case of Apollo, Ayesha Memorial or Samarita Hospital, PLIC will pay to the hospital directly upto the limit. Such arrangement is also being made with other reputed hospitals. In case of other hospitals, claim in a prescribed form along with supporting papers is to be made to the PLIC through Munmun Bari within 15 days of discharge from the hospital, the form is available in her Office (Room No. 222) Munmun Bari will assist in prompt settlement of claim.

Note: For more information about Student Group Health Insurance Schemes, please contact Md. Sadekur Rahman in her office (Room # 222, Ext # 577, Cell: 01761696115, E-mail: ).