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Welcome to IUBAT Robotics Club

IUBAT Robotics Club (IRC) is a club of engineering disciplined students which has initiated from fall semester-2015. Currently, about 50 members from various disciplines such as students of EEE, ME and CSE are actively participating in this club. The goal of this club is to improve the robotics skill among the IUBAT students from basic to advance level. IRC is working to build a platform of students who are interested in robotics. IRC organizing different workshops, Intra university robotics competitions, visit seminar on renowned universities, participate in different national robotics competitions, etc. IRC executive committee arranges meeting along with all general members on a regular basis where the members are sharing their works and interests. IRC members are getting expertise on basic parts of electronics, analog and digital circuits, simple and advance project works, sensor circuitry, motor drivers, microcontroller, programming in the different languages, printed circuit board (PCB) design and implementation, different simulation software through the meetings, workshops and audio-visual tutorials. There are some activities of IRC


Position Name of the program Year
Champion ICASERT (Robowar) 2019
Runner up NDITC_INIT 2019 (Robowar) 2019
Runner up Maker’s Mania-IUB 2018
Runner up WUB ComtechFest (BOT Ball) 2017


Workshop organized by IRC:

Name of workshop Year
Workshop on line follower 2017
Workshop on line follower 2018
Workshop on IoT and Machine Learning 2019
Workshop on basic robotics 2019


Event organized:

Name Year
IRC Soccer bot Competition 2019
Intra University Line Follower Robot Competition 2018
Robotics competition 2017