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Improvement Test of Spring 2024

Students who are qualified in Spring 2024 have 80% attendance and duly passed the Midterm, fulfilling all other requirements in the class, presently want to upgrade their results of D and F Grades in any course, they may sit for an improvement test exam to be held after Eid vacation.  Hence, applications are invited from the applicants to sit for an improvement test mentioning the course code, course name, section, and respective instructor name on or before June 22, 2024, to the Coordinator and AO of respective departments with the following instructions:

  1. List of the applicants will be provided by the departments to the Registry cc to Automation, for confirmation and seat plan
  2. After confirmation of the list, students will pay TK 4000 per course to the account section and accordingly the seat plan will be prepared.
  3. The exam schedule will be notified by the Registry after receiving the applicant list.