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IUBAT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IIEC) will encourage the students to come up with brilliant innovative ideas and guide them towards a successful business model with that ideas. In addition, IIEC will also help students get local patents for innovative products that can also fulfill the SDG requirement.


IUBAT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IIEC) organizes Intra University competitions to discover students’ ingenious ideas and project solutions. Our target is to give them proper support and guideline through the Innovation Incubator Lab. They will get hands-on experience from the idea generation to develop a business model. This center facilitates the students to participate in various national competitions and exhibitions. The IIEC also encourages them to find a national and international platform for funding and collaboration. Students are offered seminars, webinars, and sort courses to gain updated knowledge and training.


  • Arrange Intra University Innovation Competition every year
  • Arrange National Innovation Competition every year
  • Participate in National and International Expo with the current projects
  • Organize seminar, Webinar, and training to upgrade the student’s skill
  • Organize the seminar for sharing the works of the current projects every semester
  • Provide guidance and mentors to students so that they complete the projects
  • Continue the activities of Innovation Hub (a2i project)
  • Prepare all the documents to apply for the Local patents

Member of Advisory Panel

  1. Vice-Chancellor – Chief Advisor
  2. Treasurer
  3. Professor Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad (External Member nominated by the Vice-Chancellor)
  4. Registrar
  5. Coordinators of all departments
  6. Dr. Hasibur Rashid Chayon (Focal Person nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to coordinate and supervise the activities of the Innovation Hub). Member/Secretary

IUBAT Innovation Hub Executive Committee

Department Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Sazzad bin Sharif
Electrical Engineering Dr. Khandaker Mohammad Raisul Amin
Computer Engineering Alomgir Hossain
Agriculture Dr. Ferdous Ahmed
Nursing Shuvashish Das Bala
BATHM Md. Yusuf Hossein Khan
BBA Mr. Zahir Rayhan Selim
Economics Tasneem Jahan Tumpa
Physics Zahirul Amin

IUBAT Innovation Hub Mentor Panel

Department Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Dr Sazzad-Bin-Sharif
Electrical Engineering Dr. Khandaker Mohammad Raisul Amin
Computer Engineering Md Alomgir Hossain
Agriculture Dr. Ferdous Ahmed
Nursing Shuvashish Das Bala
BATHM Farzana Al Ferdous
BBA Mr. Zahir Rayhan Selim
Economics Nabobi Hasan Adity
Physics Dr. Md Mahbubur Rahman

Ongoing Start-up Project

Project Name Principal Researche Supervisor Project Details
Blind Assistance Glasses Name: Md. Nahidul Islam Himel
Department: BSME
Phone: 01915846029
Name: Dr. Muhammad Hasibur Rashid Chayon
Department: Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering (BCSE)
Phone: 01912643723
In this project when find object then it can detect that object, besides it can make sound and vibration. This blind assistant glass will also provide us some key features for blind persons such as money detection, face detection, text reading, GPS tracking. The same approach is also used in many applications. One is Giving blind people the great accessibility to their environment is the objective of the smart glass system. Through this device it make easier who are struggling in blind life and also this device helps the blind people to make easier life for doing regular activities.
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Design and Manufacture of Prosthetic Bionic hand Controlled via MYO-Sensors Name: Gopal Mandal
Department: BSME
Phone: +8801629837763
Name: Dr. Sazzad Bin Sharif
Department: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
Phone: 01775531145
Throughout the entirety of this project, it has been approached as a full-time endeavor. A 3D printable design for a myoelectric prosthetic arm is presented. The arm is electronically actuated and controlled by a user flexing his/her muscles. The bionic arm presented has the potential to be used by an amputee or person born without a limb. This type of technology does exist although it is expensive and generally not available to people in developing countries. This project covers a broad range of engineering disciplines. The root of the system is an innovative mechanical design for a 3D printed prosthetic arm. Modern-day electronic actuators and circuitry animate the device and allow for sophisticated control schemes. It is hoped that this work will be of value to a diverse audience.
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Automation Window System Name: Md. Nurullah
Department: BSCE
Phone: +8801720579410
Name: Mr. Nahidul Islam
Department: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE)
Phone: +8801759-728639
The automation window system is a sliding window technology that is working with an automation sensor without touching any switch. Actually, it worked with a microcontroller which is like artificial intelligence. A window can close or open automatically by this system.
More Details
A supply chain analysis of intermediaries and farmers: Proposing an alternative model Name: Roksana Islam
Department: BBA
Phone: +8801775247696
Name: Hasanuzzaman Tushar
Department: College of Business Administration (BBA)
Phone: +8801712498009
For many years the middle-trader hypocrite our farmers. They buy the harvest item in a very low price and sell it in a very high price to the customers. And because of this middleman our farmers earn so little that he and his family cannot survive properly. We also find that due to the farmers barriers (Such as illiteracy, insufficient knowledge about supply chain process, lack of financial ability to transfer their harvest item from one location to another, fear of food waste, and feel hesitant to use new technology) every time they fail to reach out to their potential buyers and the meddle-men take advantage of these situation and give our farmers, a very low price.
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