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IEOM IUBAT Student Chapter’s first Webinar on Research assisting advanced tools for industrial application

IEOM IUBAT Student Chapter had its first successful interactive webinar consisting many participants. The webinar was to get an amazing insight on research assisting advanced tools for industrial application.

Both of our respected faculties, Dr. Hashibur Rashid Chayon being the host carried on the webinar & Dr. Md Rakibuzzaman represented on behalf of our university with his research on industrial tools application.

On this webinar our keynote speaker was Dr. Hyyoung-Ho Kim (Assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Gyeongnam National University of Social and Technology (GNTECH),Gyeongnam, Korea). He delivered his research project and described his software base assisting tools for the students.

Our special guest was Prof. Donald M. Reimar (Adjunct faculty, Lawrence Technological University, USA) and special speaker was Dr. Ahad Ali (Associate Prof. from Lawrence Technological University). Both of them delivered their research presentation.

Amidst the presentations and welcoming respectful speakers, our honorable Vice Chancellor Sir Prof. Dr. Abdur Rab with his cheerful presence was there to share his valuable thoughts on the topic. Dr. Sazzad Bin Sharif, one of our mentors ended up the webinar with his thanks giving for the speakers.

IEOM IUBAT student aims to have more successful events like this to make every participant delighted to acquire advanced knowledge on Industrial Tools Application.