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Prof Dr M Alimullah Miyan’s Publications – Research

Case Research

Carried out case research, writing, teaching and methodology workshops. Authored 20 cases in marketing, management, personnel, production management and disaster management as well as one case book. Co‑authored one case book in personnel management.

Applied Research And Consultancy

  1. Director, Bangladesh In-Country Training on Disaster Management, SADMC, IUBAT and CFTC, GIDD, Commonwealth Secretariat, London, April-May, 2008
  2. Consultancy on Feasibility Study and Evaluation Report on Korean Export Processing Zone (KEPZ), Emerging Sovereign Group, New York and Farallon Capital Management, L. L. C., California, USA, August-October, 2007
  3. Handbook on Development of Appropriate Policies and Strategies to Attract FDI in Bangladesh, FBCCI, Dhaka. September-December, 2007
  4. Director, Asia Regional Training on Disaster Management, SADMC, IUBAT, June 23-July 5, 2007.
  5. Member, Strategic Planning Committee, Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh, 2005
  6. Professional Panel Member, Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme Formulation Mission, UNDP, Dhaka, 2000
  7. Consultancy for Designing Operational Plan, Training Curricula and for Monitoring Implementation of the Group Leader/Extension Worker Pilot Scheme for Women, United Nations World Food Programme, Dhaka, July, 1993-June, 1994.
  8. Consultancy for Designing TOR for Reorganization Study of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, UNFPA, Dhaka, December, 1993‑January, 1994.
  9. Study on Youth Unemployment in Bangladesh, ILO, New Delhi, June, 1993.
  10. Evaluation of Women’s Training Centre Programs of CONCERN, Dhaka, 1992.
  11. National Consultant on Marketing Management, ITC‑UNDP‑DCCI, Dhaka, November ‑ December, 1991.
  12. Study on Professional Skill Development of Executives of Corporations and Attached Organizations of the Ministry of Industries, Government of Bangladesh, 1990.
  13. Reorganization Study, Bangladesh Film Development Corporation, 1990.
  14. Evaluation of BAVS, Association of Voluntary Surgical Contraception (AVSC), New York, February‑March, 1990.
  15. Evaluation of Mirzapur Hand Pump Project of ICDDR’B, World Bank, Dhaka, 1989.
  16. Feasibility of Small Enterprise Promotion in Rural Areas, CARE‑Bangladesh, Dhaka, 1989.
  17. Bangladesh Health Finance Study, IDA, IBA, & BIDS, 1988.
  18. Team Member, Balancing and Modernisation Study of Chittagong Steel Mills, Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh, 1987.
  19. South Asia Management Development Project in Population, ICOMP & CPMR, 1986.
  20. Member, the Netherlands Industry Mission to Bangladesh, September‑November, 1986.
  21. Base Line Study for the Aga Khan Community Health Programme, Bangladesh. The Aga Khan Foundation, Dhaka and Geneva, 1986.
  22. Rural Domestic Water Supply and Sanitation Study in Bangladesh, UNICEF / DANIDA, 1985.
  23. Plant Protection Market Study, Ciba‑Geigy (Bangladesh) Ltd., 1984.
  24. Comprehensive Analysis of Handloom Census Data for Bangladesh Handloom Board, Ministry of Textiles, Government of Bangladesh, Dhaka, 1981.
  25. Action Research Design for Rural Health Practitioners, for Family Planning Social Marketing Project, Dhaka, 1980.
  26. Evaluation of Family Planning Services and Training Centre, for Ministry of Health and Population Control, Government of Bangladesh, Dhaka, 1980.
  27. Job Market for Women in Dhaka, DANIDA, Dhaka, 1980.
  28. Evaluation of Manually Operated Shallow Tubewells (MOSTI) Project, UNICEF, 1980.
  29. Market Survey of Handicraft Products in Dhaka, Mennonite Central Committee, Dhaka, 1979.
  30. Evaluation of Bangladesh Association for Voluntary Sterilisation (BAVS), International Programme on Association of Voluntary Sterilisation (IPAVS), New York, USA, 1979.
  31. Bangladesh Handloom Census, Ministry of Textiles, Government of Bangladesh, 1979.
  32. Bench Mark Survey in Two Thanas, Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) and IDA, 1978.
  33. Organization Study, Sadharan Bima Corporation, Dhaka, 1978.
  34. Product and Job Market Study in Demra, World Vision, 1978.
  35. Impact Study of Fish Protein Concentrate Promotion Campaign, FAO, Dhaka, 1977.
  36. Study of Fish Protein Concentrate Acceptability of Beneficiaries, FAO, Dhaka, 1977.
  37. Engineering and Socio‑Economic Survey of Four Thanas in Rural Development II Project, IRDP and IDA, Dhaka, 1977.
  38. Fish Protein Concentrate Acceptability and Saleability in Bangladesh, NORSIDMEL, Norway, 1977.
  39. Organization Study of Ashuganj Fertilizer and Chemical Company, Dhaka, 1976.
  40. Local Compensation Plan, American Embassy, Dhaka, 1973.
  41. Accounting Manual, Progoti Industries Limited, Chittagong, 1972.
  42. Woges Study, Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation, Dhaka, 1971.
  43. Organization Study, Latif Bawany Company Ltd., Dhaka, June, 1970.
  44. Stores Accounting System, Pakbay Company Ltd., Dhaka, June, 1970.
  45. Feasibility for Alloy Steel Plant in Pakistan (a market study), East Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation, 1970.