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Prof Dr M Alimullah Miyan’s Publications – Articles

  1. Quality Assurance and Assessment in Higher Education in Bangladesh Context, IUBAT, Dhaka, Bangladesh, January, 2009.
  2. Quality in Higher Education: Assessment and Assurance – Keynote Paper for Roundtable Conference on Quality in Higher Education of the Association of Private Universities in Bangladesh (APUB), November 2008.
  3. Sustaining Quality Non-Government (Private) Universities in Bangladesh – Keynote Paper for Roundtable of Association of Private Universities in Bangladesh (APUB), February 2008
  4. The Role of Private (Non-Government) Universities in Higher Education, Journal of Bangladesh Studies, USA, Volume 8 No 1 2006, ISSBN 1529-0905.
  5. Cyclone Disaster Mitigation in Bangladesh, paper presented in the Regional Technical Workshop ”Coastal Protection in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami: What role for forests & trees?”, FAO, Khao Lak, Thailand, 28-31 August, 2006.
  6. Dynamics of Corporate Social Responsibility – Bangladesh Context, Paper presented at the International Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility in Kerala-Current Issues & Future Trends, International Centre for Economic Policy & Analysis, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kochi, Kerala, India, September, 2006.
  7. Knowledge Based Area Development – A Step Towards Community Self-Reliance,International Education Meet ’06, Government of Kerala and Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, Kerala, India, February, 2006.
  1. Retirement and Pension System in Bangladesh, Proceedings of International Society for Labour and Social Security Law, 8th Asian Regional Congress, Volume 3-2, Special Session 3, First Published 2005, ISBN 957-30988-7-3, Association of Industrial Relations, R.O.C., Taipei, Taiwan, October 31-November 3, 2005.
  2. Human Dimension in the Textile Sector of Bangladesh (Discussion Paper for Interactive Seminar on Internet), University Network of Helsinki Espana, Spain, March, 2005 (
  3. April 1991 Cyclone in Bangladesh: Response and Preparedness, International Conference on Storms: Storms Science to Disaster Mitigation, AMOS Publication No 20, UniPrint Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, June 2004.
  4. Cyclone Disaster Mitigation in Bangladesh, paper presented at the Second Regional Technical Conference on Tropical Cyclones, Storm Surges and Floods, World Meteorological Organization, Brisbane, Australia, 1-3 July 2004.
  5. Dynamics of Labor Migration – Bangladesh Context, Proceedings of IIRA 5th Asian Regional Congress under the title of Dynamics and Diversity: Employment Relations in the Asia-Pacific Region, IIRA, 2004, Seoul, Korea and also at
  6. Assessment of Risk and Vulnerability from Tropical Cyclones, Storm Surges and Floods, Published in Proceedings of the Regional Technical Conference on Tropical Cyclones and Storm Surges, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November, 2000, World Meteorological Organization, Report No TCP 45, Geneva, Switzerland.
  7. Industrialization as a Strategy of Cooperation in Muslim World: South Asian Scenario, Paper presented at 2nd International Business Forum on Global Business Network Among Muslim Nations, MUSIAD, Istanbul, Turkey, November 20-22, 1996.
  8. Case Study of April 1991 Cyclone in Bangladesh, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference Local Authorities Confronting Disasters and Emergencies, Amsterdam, Netherlands, April, 1996.
  9. Assessment of Vulnerability of People, Livestock, Agriculture & Industry to Tropical Cyclones, Storm Surges & Floods, Paper presented at WMO/ESCAP Seminar on Meteorological & Hydrological Risk Assessment, New-Delhi, India, March 16-19, 1996.
  10. Industrialization in Muslim World: Experience of Bangladesh, Paper Presented in International Workshop on Islamic Political Economy in Capitalist Globalization: An Agenda for Change, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pinang, Malaysia, December 12-14, 1994.
  11. Disaster Management in Bangladesh, Paper Presented in United Nations Inter‑Regional Seminar on Disaster Management, Jakarta, Indonesia, December, 1993.
  12. Sustainability of Food Aid Based Development Approach for Poor Village Women in Bangladesh, Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Village Based Development, p 2361‑90, Section VII, Colorado State University, USA, October, 1993.
  13. Inventory Management of Manufacturing Industries in Bangladesh, Journal of Business Administration, Vol. 18.3 & 4, 1992.
  14. Urban Labor Markets in Bangladesh, paper presented in the 9th World Congress of International Industrial Relations Association, Sydney, Australia, and abstracted in IIRA Communication Bulletin, Geneva, Switzerland, September, 1992.
  15. Challenge of Management Education and Training in South Asia, Proceedings of the First Biannual International Conference on Advances in Management, March, 1992, Vol.1 Kentucky, USA
  16. `Human Resources Management in Bangladesh,’ The Indian Journal of Social Work, Vol. L11, No. 4, October, 1991.
  17. Rebalancing of Private and Public Sectors in Bangladesh, Journal of Business Administration, Vol. 15.2, 1989.
  18. `Industrial Relations in Emerging Garment Industry of Bangladesh’ paper presented in 8th World Congress of International Industrial Relations Association, Brussels, 1989 and abstracted in IIRA Communication Bulletin, Geneva, Switzerland, September, 1989.
  19. `Optimal Utilization of Manpower Technical and General’ a paper prepared in Bangla and presented in the National Workshop on Maximal Use of Internal Resources for the Socio‑Economic Development of Bangladesh, Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chittagong, 1988.
  20. `Reflections on Population, Resources, Environment and Development in Bangladesh’ Journal of Business Administration, IBA, Dhaka University, Vol. 14 No.2, April, 1988, and also presented as background paper at International Conference on Population, Mexico City, 1984.
  21. `Inventory Management of Manufacturing Industries in Bangladesh’ Journal of Business Administration Vol. 13. No.1, 1987.
  22. `The Effects of Expectation Level and Role Consensus on the Buyer‑Seller Dyad: A Review and Critique, Journal of Business Administration, Vol. 13.1, 1987.
  23. Organizational Climate of Ministry of Health and Population Control at the Upazilla Level,’ Journal of Business Administration Vol.13.2, 1987.
  24. `Manpower Utilization at the Field Level of the Ministry of Health and Family Planning,’ Journal of Business Administration, Vol. 13.3, 1987.
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  29. `Consumer Demand and Marketing Action Plans for Family Planning in Bangladesh;’ Journal of Management Studies, Basic Blackwell, Oxford, England, Vol. 18.2, April, 1981.
  30. ‘Population Management: A Challenge to Academicians, Paper presented at the Seminar on Family Planning Programme Management,’ sponsored by CPMR, Dhaka University at Chittagong and Rajshahi, April and May, 1981.
  31. `Management of Population Control and Family Planning Programme of Bangladesh,’ paper presented at the International Workshop on Strengthening Management Development Efforts of National Population Programmes sponsored by the University of North Carolina and World Bank, Malaysia, June, 1980.
  32. Delineation of Basic Research Issues on Population Management’ discussion paper presented in the Research Seminar on Development of Research Strategy on Population Management in Bangladesh. CPMR, Dhaka University, 1980.
  33. `Training Approaches and Methodologies of the Institute of Business Administration,’ discussion paper presented at the WHO and NIPORT National Workshop on Fertility Management and MCH Care, NIPORT, Dhaka, 1980.
  34. `Selling, Marketing and Marketing Management,’ a book reviews article, Journal of Management Business and Economics, (JMBE), IBA, Dhaka University, October, 1979.
  35. `IBA and Management Development in Bangladesh,’ paper presented in the first Alumni Day Seminar of IBA and published in Alumni Day Brochure as well as JMBE, IBA, Dhaka University, July, 1979.
  36. `An overview of Commercial Mango Marketing in Bangladesh,’ Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Science, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Vol. 1.2, 1974.
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