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When was IUBAT established?

The initial planning began in 1989 and the university was established in 1991. IUBAT is approved by the Government of Bangladesh as a degree granting institution under the Non-Government University Act of 1992. IUBAT curriculum’s have been approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh and vetted by cooperating universities abroad. Its academic standards are accepted by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission. IUBAT is a full member of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), London and this extended formal recognition of IUBAT degrees in 35 countries or regions of the Commonwealth. Some of the programs of IUBAT having membership of The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).

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What about IUBAT campus?

IUBAT having a green and lovely permanent campus with 20 Bighas of land at 4 Embankment Drive Road, Off Dhaka-Ashulia Road, Sector-10, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 1230. Phone: (88 02) 55091801-5, Mobile: +88 01714 014 933, 01810030041-9, 01325080581-9(Hunting). Email:

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How can I get the admission information about IUBAT?

Information on admission is always uploaded on the IUBAT’s official website:
Official Facebook ID can be followed too:
One can also get admission information by sending their queries at the e-mail address:
One can also visit the campus and mitigate all queries from the admission office (Ground Floor – Room No: 101).

Is there any student health insurance policy at IUBAT?

IUBAT is the first University who has introduced Student Health Insurance policy in the country for the first time. The Insurance covers hospitalization cost up to Tk. 100,000/- (Hundred Thousand Taka) per year for a registered student.

How many trimesters does IUBAT offer yearly?

IUBAT offers two semesters yearly:

What is the length of all these semesters?

6 months

What graduate and undergraduate programs does IUBAT offer?

Presently the following graduate program is offered by IUBAT:
1. MBA – Master of Business Administration
2. MSc in CSE – MSc in CSE
3. MSc in CE – MSc in CE
4. MPH – Masters of Public Health

Presently the following undergraduate programs are offered by IUBAT:
1. BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
2. BCSE – Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering
3. BSCE – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
4. BSME – Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
5. BSEEE – Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
6. BSAg – Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
7. BAEcon – Bachelor of Arts in Economics
8. BAEng – Bachelor of Arts in English
9. BATHM – Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality Management
10. BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
11. DCSE – Diploma of Computer Science and Engineering (1.5 years)
12. DIA – Diploma in Accounting (1.5 years)

Whether any financial aid is available for the needy students?

IUBAT provides scholarship and financial aid in various categories. The theme of IUBAT is “Higher Education for Every Qualified Person with Finance for Meritorious but Needy”. Please visit the following link for detailed Information:
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Is there any scholarship for female students?

A female student will get 15% additional scholarship on tuition over the male students.

What are the admission, tuition and other fees?

It will generate based upon your merit scholarship/s.
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How can I apply?

Admission Form is available at IUBAT Admission Office in working days between 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM. on payment of Tk. 500  or you can fill up a form in online at and pay through Bkash, Rocket.

Whom do I contact if I have technical difficulties with the application?

Please contact with with any difficulties.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about program/s?

Program Contact Number Email Address
MBA 01810030045
BBA 01810030043
BSME 01810030041
BCSE 01810030047
BSCE 01810030041
BSEEE 01810030049
BSAg 01810030042
BATHM 01810030048
BAEcon 01810030045
BAEng 01810030040
BSN 01917577778
DCSE 01810030047
DIA 01810030042

What are the requirements to apply for undergraduate & graduate programs & which documents will I have to submit during admission?

– Photocopy of the original HSC registration card or statement of entry (recent) or copy of passport (for O & A level)
– One copy full size (3R/4R), five copies of passport size and five copies stamp size photographs
– Photocopy of –
a) SSC/O-level mark sheet, Testimonial & Certificate
b) HSC/A-level mark sheet, Testimonial & Certificate
c) National ID card–if available or Birth Certificate**
d) National ID card–father/mother
** National ID card can be submitted later if it is not available during submission of application.

What are the minimum qualifications for undergraduate admission?

• Candidates with GPA 2.50 out of 5.00 in SSC HSC or equivalent examinations will have to have accumulated GPA of 6.00 to qualify for admission.
• Only candidates with Science in HSC or equivalent examinations will qualify for admission in engineering programs.
• GCE candidates, 2’A’ Levels with 5 ‘O’ Levels with minimum four ‘B’ grades and three ‘C’ grades are required for admission in bachelor’s programs.
• Appeared candidates at the terminal level can apply for provisional Admission but must fulfill the condition of provisional Admission at the earliest.

What Undergraduate programs does IUBAT offer? How many credits do I have to complete per program?

The available Undergraduate programs with credits are as follows:

MBA with business background – 36 Credits
MBA with other non-business background – 60 Credits
BBA – 133 Credits
BSc in CSE – 143 Credits
BSc in CE – 157 Credits
BSc in ME – 153.5 Credits
BSc in EEE – 156 Credits
BA in Economics – 125 Credits
BA in English – 129 Credits
BATHM – 131 Credits
BSAg – 155 Credits
BSN – 157 Credits
DCSE – 61 Credits
DIA – 64 Credits

Is there any evening class for undergraduate programs?

No. At the moment there is no evening for undergraduate program. But evening is available for MBA program.

Is there any hidden charge which not mentioned with other fees?

There is no hidden charge. All fees are mentioned in university admission brochure and website.

What are the facilities available for IUBAT students?

As IUBAT having a permanent campus with 20 Bighas of land, its providing all kind of indoor and outdoor sports facilities required for smooth development of mental and physical growth of a student. IUBAT students also having Free Wifi, Free Transport (40 KM radius), Two Canteens and Student societies and Clubs etc.
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Is there adequate library facilities available in IUBAT?

Yes, Library facilities are available for both the students and teachers. Anyone can easily get required information/books/journals etc from the library.

Is there adequate laboratory facilities available in IUBAT?

Yes, IUBAT has diverse modern laboratories and associated facilities to support IUBAT students studying in different departments.
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College of Nursing:

Are there any hostel facilities in IUBAT?

At present, there is no hostel facility provided by IUBAT. But IUBAT provided necessary guideline to the student to find a suitable hostel near the university. Please contact the Admissions Office for details.

Will IUBAT assist in expediting the visa process in case of international students?

Yes, IUBAT will assist in expediting the visa process as needed by a foreign student.