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In addition to class work, home assignments, term papers, project works, case studies, quizzes, weekly tests, presentations, etc., there shall be three compulsory examinations in each semester for each course, a first-term, a mid‑term and the final examination. The general guideline for students is that every class contact hour is to be backed up by a minimum of 3 hours of private study. The grade shall be determined and given by the teacher who is responsible for the course, keeping in view overall performance in examinations, term papers, class tests, project works, case studies, assignments, oral tests, quizzes, class attendance, presentations and participation, and the like.

The following weight shall be given:

  1. Semester Examination/Work

a) First term examination of the  semester             20%

b) Mid‑term examination of the   semester            20%

c) Pop & announced quizzes (minimum 10)           05%

d) Attendance                                                              05%

e) Home assignments/term papers/

projects, presentation, etc. (min one)                      15%

  1. Final examination                                             35%

                                  Total                                      100%

Keeping in view the nature and the level of the course, the faculty shall allocate the weight for student evaluations in the light of the guidelines provided above. However, the allocation and evaluation requirement of the course must be clearly spelled out by the faculty in the course outline at the beginning of classes. The retention of weight suggested for quizzes and attendance is generally expected.