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Counseling and Guidance Centre (CGC)

The university established a Counseling and Guidance Centre under a qualified psychologist to provide counseling and guidance services to IUBAT University students and other personnel. This facility has been broadened through recruitment of two more qualified psychologists.

The majority of students are young adults. Most of them are yet to recover from adolescence; and poses a number of problems that calls for solution. Again study in the university posses a different education environment for most of students coming from the colleges especially from the rural Bangladesh. Students are accustomed to a bi-annual examination system which allows them plenty of recess and leisure. IUBAT University follows a trimester program with very limited vacation. This directly affects the life style of students. IUBAT University education policy emphasizes a general education in physical, social sciences and humanities to provide for a solid base on which specialization in different programs are founded. Above all, the medium of instruction in IUBAT University is English. The general students are not well aware of Mathematics and Computer science. . These are considered necessary to be included in the study programs ied to keep pace with the academicals standard of the advanced world.

To overcome these problems, counseling and guidance is found to be of great help to the students. It provides for some ventilation, cathexis, and insight into the problem and encourages a person to view the problem from different angles, to analyze and understand the problem and attempt its solution. When needed, psychotherapy in a limited way is also provided.

Strict confidentiality and respect for individual and human values encourage students to take help from the center. Sometimes, registry or administration also refers students or personnel to the center when someone faces academic or some behavioral problem. The Counseling and Guidance Center is one of the facilities and services the university provides for its students, faculty and other personnel.

This Centre also serves as the focal point for promoting gender equality and deal with cases of sexual harassment, for which IUBAT University has an established policy guideline.