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Campus Life – Vibrant Student Community

Student Affairs: There are 29 offices and centers to provide all the supports and services the students need during their study at IUBAT. There are assigned person in each office to provide immediate and quality service to students. Each office and center is a source of resource and a great service point.

The offices work as service points to ensure the achievements of university’s overall mission and to serve the whole internal and external community including the students, visitors, parents, other universities etc. The office of the Vice-Chancellor observes an open door policy under which any student, staff and faculty of the university as well as the community can meet the Vice-chancellor during the office hours. For prolonged consultation, a prior appointment is desired but drop in interviews are also possible if there is no prior engagement of the Vice-Chancellor.

The office of the Vice-Chancellor is used freely by students and they can approach the Vice-chancellor on any academic or other matters which cannot be addressed within the other organs of the University or they may like to seek prior guidance. Students are encouraged to make optimal use of the open door policy of the Vice-chancellor’s office. The Vice-chancellor also welcomes electronic communications with students on academic and personal or developmental matters through secured e-mail at All such communications are personally attended by the Vice-Chancellor.

The office of the Pro Vice-chancellor, Treasurer, Registrar and other offices also observe open door policy and the whole community, specially the students, enjoys the opportunity to get service and consultancy based on the university rules and regulations.

There is proctor’s office to support you in any situation where you feel vulnerable and unsafe in any form, to any extent. The Registrar demonstrates the University’s commitment to thoughtful treatment of its students by keeping and providing all academic records and information to the students.  For any academic problem you are supposed to contact the Registrar’s office; in some cases you may need to submit an application in appropriate format. Approaching the right authority, you can easily overcome all your challenges and solve all the problems.Here, we ensure a Holistically Balanced life of each learner. Campus Life is committed to guiding and helping students whenever they struggle with issues they face, both academic and non academic, while pursuing for a balanced academic and personal life.

List of Offices   and Centers                                                              

1.      Vice-Chancellor’s Office

2.      Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Office

3.      Treasurer’s office

4.      Registrar’s office

5.       Controller of Examination’s Office

6.      Proctor’s office

7.      International Office

8.       IT office

9.      Communication and Media office

10.   Placement and Alumni affairs office

11.  Admission office

12.  Accounts office

13.  College offices

14.  Specialized Center Offices

Student  Services:


2.Financial Aid

3.Academic Support Services

4. Funding

5. Counseling and Mental health

6. Grooming

7. Study Guidance

8. Extracurricular activities

9. Advising and consultation

10. Non academic support services

11. Job and Internship placement

12. Technical Training

13.Language Training

14. Safety Assurance

15. Safe Travel

Emergency Contact:

  1. Registrar’s office (Cell : 01715133008    E-mail : )
  2. Proctors Office (Cell : 01716252172   E-mail :
  3. Engineering Management & Campus Safety Office ( Cell: 01819228195  Email: )
  4. Public  &  Media Relation Officer ( Cell: 01616835239, 01716848003   Email: )

Diversity & Inclusion: At IUBAT, we welcome and nurture a diverse community. We put continuous effort in shaping a healthy educational environment to make IUBAT a better place to pursue higher education for all- irrespective of religion, caste, class, and country. With that inspiration, we provide higher education opportunity to every meritorious student and thus we eradicate barriers to talent wherever we find them.  Enhancement of mutual understanding across our campus, and celebration of wonderful range of cultural festivals make everyone feel like that they are at home at IUBAT. Here, students from different countries, from different areas and of different religions work together to be competent human resource. The university cherishes such practices and ensures peaceful and lively coexistence.

Community Engagement: IUBAT persistently endeavors to serve the local and regional communities by promoting and contributing to economic, cultural and social progress by sharing its ideas, researches and skills and by developing a strong bonding with the wider communities including the employing organizations. College of Nursing provides primary health services to the local community. Local and remote communities have access to different resources of IUBAT. Different students group, from different platforms, strive to serve people in crisis like flood. They also provide food and cloth in different festivals like Eid, Pahela Baishakh etc. to the deprived people.