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Accounts Office

The Accounts Office acts as the main hub of financial transactions of the university as well as of the students.   All payments to the university are to be made through the Accounts Office.  The office has modern facilities including computers to meet the financial transaction requirements of the students including providing banking support services under the umbrella of the cooperative society.

Career Development Loan Program

IUBAT Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited (IMCSL)

IUBAT Multipurpose Cooperative Society has been formed on 22/2/99 and duly registered under Cooperative Societies Act with (Registration no 135 of 25-3-99) with the Registrar of the Cooperative Societies, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. One of the prime objectives of the IMCSL is to provide financial services to its members and promote their economic and social welfare through mobilization of savings and profitable investment of capital and savings. Financial supports for professional education and training of members, their wards, and dependents including students of IUBAT University are one of the important aspects of financial services.

IMCSL offers Career Development Loans to meritorious but financially handicapped student members, their parents or guardians to make professional education and training at IUBAT University accessible to all sections of Bangladesh society. To translate this idea into action a Career Development Loan Scheme has been developed for progressive implementation using financially prudent and viable mechanisms.

Career Development Loan is provided to members, their wards and dependents for study or training at IUBAT University on referral and recommendation by the IUBAT University Admissions Office on need basis. This facility has been created, for the first time in Bangladesh, to make professional education and training accessible to all sections of Bangladesh society, regardless of present financial standing of the individual or family.

Career Development Loan is given for academically eligible persons to cover up to 80% of the assessed educational fees under the IMCSL Rules and Regulations.

Repayment of Career Development Loan is primarily made after completion of education/training and on gainful occupation by the recipient. Details of the Career Development Loan can be obtained from the IUBAT Admissions Office or IMCSL Office located in the IUBAT University premises.