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Programs & Fees

IUBAT warmly welcomes all students who are interested in pursuing higher studies in Agriculture, Business, Engineering (CSE, CE, EEE, ME) , Economics, Tourism & Hospitality Management and Nursing. The title of programs, duration, credit hours and fees are given below:

* The fees given below are without considering merit scholarships.

MBA: For BBA degree holders
1 year, 2 semesters, 36 credit hours
*Tk 1,09,392/- per semester (approx.)

MBA: For Masters or 4 year Bachelor degree holders other than BBA
1.5 years, 3 semesters, 60 credit hours (minimum)
*TK 1,21,275/- per semester (approx.)

MPH: Master of Public Health
2 years, 4 semesters, 60 credit hours
*TK 77,490/- per semester (approx.)

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration
4 years, 08 semesters, 132 credit hours
*TK 99,593/- per semester (approx.)

BCSE: Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering
4 years, 08 semesters, 143 credit hours
*TK 1,04,307/- per semester (approx.)

BSCE: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
4 years, 08 semesters, 157 credit hours
*TK 1,09,893/ per semester (approx.)

BSEEE: Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
4 years, 08 semesters, 156 credit hours
*TK 1,10,593/ per semester (approx.)

BSME: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
4 years, 08 semesters, 153.5 credit hours
BAEcon: Bachelor of Arts in Economics
4 years, 08 semesters, 125 credit hours
BA Eng: Bachelor of Arts in English
4 years, 08 semesters, 129 credit hours
BSAg: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
4 years, 08 semesters, 155 credit hours
BATHM: Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality Management
4 years, 08 semesters, 131 credit hours
BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
4 years, 08 semesters, 157 credit hours
DCSE: Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
1 year 8 months, 5 semesters, 61 credit hours
DIA: Diploma in Accounting
1 year 8 months, 5 semesters, 64 credit hours