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International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT University) is the first non-government university established in Bangladesh. The initial planning began in 1989 and the university was established in 1991. Degree programs started in 1992 with agreement with Assumption University of Bangkok, Thailand. IUBAT University now operates as a government approved university under the Non-Government University Act of 1992.

The overall mission of IUBAT University is human resources development through appropriate teaching, training and guidance as well as creation of knowledge conducive to socio-agro- economic development of developing societies in general and that of Bangladesh in particular. This overall mission is being attained through offering courses and curricula relating to various aspects of knowledge as well as providing opportunities for individuals to acquire skill and relevant experience in the chosen field of specialization. Besides, the University provides opportunities for promotion of scholasticism through research in different subject areas and application of knowledge in the context of Bangladesh.

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IUBAT Library

University level study requires much independent reading and research on the part of the student..

IUBAT Library

University level study requires much independent reading and research on the part of the student. The IUBAT Library and information Service is designed to serve the students needs for information. All students, faculty, researchers, consultants, experts of all programs even alumni have the privilege of using the Library and they are welcome to use the different library services.

IUBAT Laboratory

The university places much emphasis in the development of maturity of knowledge acquired...

IUBAT Laboratory

The university places much emphasis in the development of maturity of knowledge acquired by the students by letting them get exposed to intensive laboratory work. As such, the university ensures the use of the best available quality lab facilities in all areas of computer science, engineering and technology, agriculture, and nursing sciences. and so on.


IUBAT University has set out the long term vision of producing one technical graduate from each..

Knowledge Based Area Development

IUBAT has set out the long term vision of producing one technical graduate from each village under the KBAD concept as a step towards community self reliance.To materialize this vision and to translate the concept into reality,IUBAT has special provision for supplementing the family resources of a student through scholarship, grant, deferred payment, campus job and so on.


BBA Orientation

The 69th orientation program of new students of Summer Semester 2015 of International University of [...]

71st Orientation Program

The 71st orientation program of new students of Spring Semester 2016 of International University of [...]

Silver Jubilee of IUBAT

Greetings! As you are aware, the yearlong celebration of Silver Jubilee of IUBAT will begin [...]


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Practicum Defense Exam of Summer-2017

Click on the following links for Schedule: Practicum Defense Schedule of BATHM Practicum Defense Schedule [...]

Final Examination seat plan of SUMMER-17

RULES & REGULATIONS FOR FINAL EXAM STUDENTS EACH STUDENT SHOULD FOLLOW THE FOLLWING DURING EXAM: 1. Bring own supplies e.g. pen, scale, eraser calculator, sharpener, stapler, water bottle and watch. 2. To draw attention of invigilator, raise hand 3. Wear valid ID card 4. Follow dress and behavior code (Note: For Male Students: Trouser & full/half sleeve Shirt with necktie) 5. Students are advised to take their seats according to the “seat plan” 15 minutes before the exam starts. If any student having difficulty to find his/her seat, please contact Registry Room # 225. _______________________________________________________________________________ STUDENTS SHOULD NOT DO THE FOLLOWING DURING EXAM: 1. No unfair means in the examination like: – Cheating – Talking – Aiding in cheating – Impersonation of another student at an examination – Unruly behavior 2. Should not carry bags inside the exam room 3. Are not allowed to go out of the examination room until his/her exam is over 4. Do not move any chair because all chairs are numbered 5. SHOULD NOT CARRY MOBILE PHONE inside the exam hall   Click on the links for seat plan: […]

Placement Notice (Fall 2017)

All Practicum Students qualified for Internship Program of Fall semester 2017 are advised to submit [...]



We at Simon Fraser University appreciate the links between our two universities. IUBAT University has provided the opportunity for our studies students to learn about Bangladesh and in return our student have iV I hope iV been able to communicate knowledge about Canada .Our graduate Public Policy Program, with its focus on international studies will enable a strengthening of these links.

Professor John Richards, Simon Fraser University

It has been a great pleasure to conclude a Memorandum of Understanding between IASBS and IUBAT University. This has opened up windows for cooperation in the areas of multidisciplinary higher professional education and advanced research as well as exchange of faculty and students between our two universities; in fact between the two nations.

Professor Yousef Sobouti, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Science

Your leadership as an IUBAT University graduate can help make the world a better place – not only for your family, but also your community and all global citizens. Will you do your part? I look foreword to hearing about your achievement in the future. Best wishes for your professional career.

Alex Berland, Adjunct Faculty, School of Pop'n and Public Helth, UBC, Canada