The Society of IUBAT Scholars is a society consisting of those students who have received merit scholarship for excellence at the point of entry or during study period at IUBAT University. This society was established in 1999.

The objectives of this society are to promote and conduct scholarly activities in IUBAT University and to help develop the students in a way that will make them capable of facing the real world. The members of the society hope that in future they will deal with matters which will contribute not only to a better academic environment but will also help in the development of the person as a whole.

The members of the Society of IUBAT Scholars will act as spokes persons for the student’s body in devising ways as to how IUBAT University students can be better scholars and also show better results in their class performance and examinations. Apart from academic guidance, they will also help the scholars to be better disciplined and to build up a right attitude of mind among the students to maintain a proper environment for educational activities. Furthermore, this society has decided to hold seminars, debates, film shows, etc. SIS also functions as a body from which most teaching assistants at the university are selected.

The first activity of the society was a meeting whose main purpose was to hold a free and frank discussion between the freshmen and the scholars about how the IUBAT University freshmen could improve their methods of study to become better students and adjust with new academic habits. In order to get good grades it is very important that the freshmen should break free of their present habits of study that they had acquired during their preparation for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). The meeting was a small effort on the part of the scholars to be of assistance to the freshmen.