The Department of Languages offers language courses to support general education programs of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAAS) as well as other colleges The department presently offers all the preparatory and advanced courses in English to all students of the university and has a large complement of faculty to carry out this task. The department also gets support from visiting faculty to teach courses in English from the UK, Canada, USA and the Netherlands. There are 22 full time faculty members in the department, who are committed and dedicated to the development of the department. They obtained their higher degrees in the fields of English Language/Applied Linguistics/ELT and English Literature from the renowned universities in Bangladesh while some obtained degrees from foreign universities. Please see the profile section- (the profiles of the faculty members in this department). On recommendation of the Academic Council of the university, the Board of Governors has recently approved this program for implementation.

The Proposed BA in English Program under the Department of Languages

Firm preparations are going ahead for starting a Bachelor of Arts in English program under this department of the university. A Departmental Task Force on development and mounting of this program was constituted in 2011. The Task Force has already developed the curriculum of this program. Collaborative works with Osmania University, India, and West Illinois University, USA, Louisiana State University, USA have been initiated to establish an international academic link, which will ultimately flourish the program.  On recommendation, the Academic Council of the university, the Board of Governors has already approved this program for implementation.

English Learning Centre

English Learning Centre has been established under the Department to conduct help sessions for students requiring special attention. The center also coordinates other activities like holding seminars, workshops, debates, spelling contests, movies etc. for increasing learning of English facilities in the campus.

The present course offerings of the department include the following:

Course Code Course Name Credit
ENG 007 Remedial English 4
ENG 101 Basic English Composition 4
ENG102 English Comprehension & Speaking 3
ENG 203 Advanced English Compositions 3
ENG 250 Public Speaking 3
ENG 298 Creative Writing in English 3
BEN 103 Modern Bengal 3
FRE 104 Modern French 3
ARB 105 Modern Arabic 3
GMN 106 Modern German 3
HIN 107 Modern Hindi 3

Descriptions of these courses are  provided below:

ENG 007 Remedial English [4]

This course is offered to students who are not able to cope with the requirements of the ENG 101. This is a preparatory course the objective of which is to help students develop their basic comprehension, writing and speaking ability in English.


The course aims at developing proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing English. However, the course focuses much on speaking. The department has developed a course book in which all contents, activities and materials are detailed and instructed so that the instructors and students can comply with the same.  It is intended as a basic course for students whose English need considerable improvement and as a foundation course for ENG 102.


P:ENG 101.. The course provides solid foundation chiefly in reading skills in English. However, the course covers listening, writing and speaking skills as a secondary focus-as a part of integrated approach to English language skills.  The department has recetly developed a common course book of the course which is followed and complied by the students and the instructors. In addition, the  course emphasizes the practice of pronunciation, speed reading, and effective listening.


P: ENG 101 and ENG 102. The course is an advanced level English course. The course aims at building the ability of the students in writing composition oriented to the writing requirements of the other courses in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, and Agriculture etc. The course focuses on writing skills and composition, advanced grammar skills, as well as other skills. The common-core book of the course, developed by the department, helps the instructors and the students alike to comply and follow the same contens and materials.


This course is also an advanced level English course, focusing on public speaking fundamentals and practices. This course aims at developing proficiency in oral communication, arranging ideas intelligently and presenting them lucidly, thus evoking interest in the minds of the audience so that they react positively. The book, in which contents and materials are instructed, directs the students and the instructors in terms of learning and teaching.


The primary objective of this course is to help the learners gain skill in planning and writing successfully business documents – the keys to efficient, productive business operations. It tries to provide learners with opportunities to express business concepts by themselves, formulating them in their own words while synthesizing, summarizing, analyzing, criticizing and discussing ideas.


The course focuses on introduction to the structure of modern French. Essentials of grammar, reading, writing and speaking are covered.


The course aims at a study of the structure of modern Bengali. Essentials of grammar, composition, reading, writing and speaking are covered.


The course aims at iIntroduction to the structure of Arabic. Essentials of grammar, reading, writing and speaking are covered.


The course focuses on introduction to the structure of German. Essentials of grammar, reading, writing and speaking are covered.


A study of the structure of modern Hindi. Essentials of grammar, composition, reading, writing and speaking are covered.

Certificate Courses on Languages

The Department also offers certificate courses in English and Bengali languages to organizations and individuals on request. Some of the courses are also offered to target groups at different points of time in a year. A listing of the certificate courses in English and Bengali are given below. The English courses are organized under the English Language Center (ELC) and the details of these courses can be seen under that center.

  • 1. ELP 01 Basic English
  • 2. ELP 02 Intermediate English
  • 3. ELP 03 Advanced English
  • 4. ELP 04 Spoken English
  • 5. ELP 05 Advanced Spoken English
  • 6. ELP 06 English for Written Communication and Office Work
  • 7. ELP 07 English for Professionals
  • 8. PREP01 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • 9. BLP 01 Basic Bengali
  • 10. BLP 02 Spoken Bengali
  • 11. BLP 03 Intermediate Bengali
  • 12. BLP 04 Advanced Bengali
  • 13. BLP 05 Bengali for Special Purposes