MBBSDental care is of vital concern to people in all societies and Bangladesh is no exception to the same. However, there is a very limited practice of modern dental care in Bangladesh. With a population of 150+ millions, dental care facilities, dentists and support services are extremely limited. The Department of Dental Surgery is geared towards addressing some of this gap.

The Department offers a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) of four-year duration developed in close association with the industry to prepare graduates for a career as a dental practitioner. In developing the program, inputs have been derived from the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, the Bangladesh Dental Association, local dentists, oral health practitioners and senior consultants.

During years one and two, there is a strong focus on core biomedical and dental sciences. Foundation theoretical materials are presented in lecture style but small group seminars and case based interactions feature throughout the curriculum.

In year’s three to four, the focus on understanding the medical, dental, social and community context of dental clinical practice.

Students will commence their clinical experience and hands on skills development in year one of the program. Clinical experiences of increasing complexity are combined with further development of hand skills through year two and provide a strong foundation for extended clinical practice in year’s three to four.

Students are required to undertake intense clinical practice sessions in generalist and all specialist disciplines. There will be the opportunity to engage in clinical practice at a variety of sites (University, community, rural and metropolitan) to gain optimal professional experience. Hands on skills development will occur using state-of-the-art simulation equipments.

To provide for a strongly enlightened and humane base, the program begins with courses in languages — English, mathematics and computer language; with humanities subjects, social science, physical science, biological science, management art, simultaneously with an integrated curricula for oral health and Dental care and skill development in the field.

The program begin with general education in languages — English, Mathematics and Computer language; in humanities — Philosophy, Economics, in physical sciences — Physics, Chemistry, in Social Sciences — Social Psychology; in life sciences — Biology, Psychology, in management art — Management and Accounting.

The sequence of Courses as follows:-

The first two semesters have courses on general education —

  • 1st Semester — English (4), Mathematics (4), Computer education (3) and Computer Lab (1).
  • 2nd Semester — Philosophy (3), Physics (3), Biology (3), Biology Lab (1) and Economics (3).

From third semester with general education, courses on human structure and dentistry related subjects are introduced.

  • 3rd semester — Courses are English (3), General Psychology (3), Basic Cell Biology (3), Biology Lab (1) and Economics (3).
  • 4th semester — English (3), Social Psychology (3), Introduction to Dentistry (3), Chemistry (3).
  • 5th semester — Anatomy of Head and neck (4), Cardiovascular and respiratory systems, Dental tissues (3), Abnormal Psychology (3).

From 6th semester on ward courses concentrate on theoretical and practical topics of dentistry. Students are assigned to hospitals.

  • 6th semester — Nutrition and diet (3), Dental material science (4), Introduction to dental operative technique (4), Hospital assignment (3).
  • 7th semester — Pathology and Microbiology(3) Dental material science (3), Clinical dentistry (3), Surgery (3), Seminar — Hospital assignment (3).
  • 8th semester — Dental pharmacology (3), Medicine and Anesthesia (3), Forensic dentistry (3), Conservative dentistry (3), Hospital assignment (3).
  • 9th semester — Conservative dentistry (3), Dental jurisprudence and ethics (4), Oral pathology (3), Surgery (3), Hospital assignment (3).
  • 10th semester — Oral and maxillofacial surgery (3), Orthodontics, Preventive dentistry (3), Medicine (3), Hospital assignment (3).

From 11th semester, with permission of the faculty, student choose special topic of interest and undertake concentrated study on those topics. At this stage student will take mostly seminar courses along with practical application in hospital attendance.

Semester 14 — 16 are practicum (9) semester — Student will be attached to hospital unit for whole time clinical work and preparation of practicum report. The students take a responsible part in the work of the hospital unit and get ready for his/her life long journey in the profession.

At the end of the semester, the students submit his/her practicum report and defend the report before the audience to complete degree.

Suggested Course Sequence:

Semester 1
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
ENG 101 Basic English Composition 4
CSE 103 Fundamentals of Computers and Applications 3
CSE 104 Computer Applications Lab 1
MAT 107 Basic Mathematics 4
Total 12
Semester 2
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
PHI 114 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHY 109 General Physics 3
BIO 201 Biology 3
BIO 202 Biology Laboratory-I 1
ECO 101 Principles of Micro Economics 3
Total 13
Semester 3
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
ENG 102 English Comprehension& Speaking 3
PSY 105 General Psychology 3
BIO 250 Biology of Molecules and Cells 3
BIO 251 Biology of Molecules and Cells Laboratory 1
ECO 102 Principles of Macro Economics 3
Total 13
Semester 4
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
ENG 203 Advanced English Compositions 3
PSY 240 Social Psychology 3
Introduction to Dentistry 3
CHM 115 General Chemistry 3
CHM 116 General Chemistry Lab 1
Total 13
Semester 5
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Anatomy of Head and neck 4
Cardiovascular and respiratory systems 3
Dental tissues 3
Abnormal Psychology 3
Total 13
Semester 6
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Nutrition and Diet 3
Dental material Science 4
Introduction to Dental Operative Technique 4
Hospital Assignment 3
Total 14
Semester 7
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Pathology and Microbiology 3
Dental Material Science 3
Clinical Dentistry 3
Surgery 3
Seminar- Hospital Assignment 3
Total 15
Semester 8
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Dental pharmacology 3
Medicine and Anesthesia 3
Forensic dentistry 3
Conservative dentistry 3
Hospital Assignment 3
Total 15
Semester 9
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Conservative Dentistry 3
Dental Jurisprudence and Ethics 4
Oral pathology 3
Surgery 3
Hospital assignment 3
Total 16
Semester 10
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 3
Orthodontics, Preventive Dentistry 3
Medicine 3
Hospital assignment 3
Total 12

Semester 11
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Semester 12
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Seminar courses
Semester 13
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Seminar courses
Semester 14
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Practicum 9
Semester 15
Courser Code Courser Name Credits
Practicum 9